Founding Team Member at Oakland Unity Middle School – Oakland, CA

Oakland Unity Middle School Founding Team Member (January 2015)

Oakland Unity Middle School (OUMS) has an opening for the following content areas for the 2015-16 school year and is seeking qualified applicants: Humanities, Science, and Math.

You are a good fit for this position if you…

• have the passion and commitment to work with low income, inner city youth to help them become first generation college-goers

• want to be part of a small school community where everyone on campus feels responsible for the success of all students

• have the guts and determination to help build the positive culture of a new school

• believe that all students can and will go to college

• have a growth mindset regarding not only students, but also your colleagues, and most importantly, yourself

• show your love for your students by holding them and yourself to high expectations, every period of every day

• are actively seeking a chance to work with students as an Advisor outside of your role as academic classroom teacher

• love creating your own curriculum and relish the chance to teach your subject area the way you want to

• have a commitment to collaborating with fellow teachers to help students achieve their best results

• recognize that this work does not end when the last bell rings for the day

• appreciate having colleagues observe your classes to offer feedback and support

• are eager to innovate, try new things, and reimagine what a classroom can look like for the 21st century


About Oakland Unity Middle School:

Oakland Unity Middle School (OUMS) is the first middle school to be opened by Unity Schools. Unity Schools currently operates Oakland Unity High School (OUHS) which was founded in 2003 as an independent charter high school open to all students in Oakland. Oakland Unity High School is currently the highest performing 9th-12th program in Oakland. The new Oakland Unity Middle School team contains teacher leaders who have worked for OUHS for the past seven years. We are a new school, but also have a great deal of experience in school management, operations, curriculum, and instruction. The founding team members will enjoy a unique combination of the stability that comes from an organization with experience in this landscape and the chance to innovate in a new school setting. Located in East Oakland, OUMS will have 80 6th and 7th grade students in its first year and will eventually grow to 225 students. Based off of the demographics of OUHS and the East Oakland community, we anticipate a student population in which over 80% of the students qualify for free or reduced lunch and over 50% of whom come from immigrant families whose home language is not English. We seek teachers who have the calling and determination to work with this particular type of student and their families.


• Valid California teaching credential

• Proficiency in technology is a must

• Spanish language proficiency a bonus


Salary and benefits competitive with Oakland Unified School District

Candidate Process will include the following:

– In-person interview with team

– Sample teaching lesson with Unity students

– Opportunity to visit Oakland Unity High School

– Meeting with parents

Application Materials to be submitted to

– Oakland Unity Middle School Leadership Style Assessment response (in lieu of traditional cover letter)

– Resume with at least 2 references and/or 2 letters of recommendation


Read a Founding Team Member Job Description (pdf)