Intervention Specialist at Leadership Public Schools, San Jose

Intervention Specialist – Full Time Position

We are seeking a full time Intervention Specialist for our LPS San Jose campus. Leadership Public Schools’ mission is to prepare urban students to succeed in college and to become leaders in their communities. The LPS approach – innovation, constant assessment, academic rigor, and commitment to providing individualized learning pathways – is transforming the lives of our students. Our commitment is to take underprepared students, most of who will be first generation college students, and provide a clear and realistic path to college.

In addition to our primary mission of sending 100% of our students to college, LPS also seeks to fulfill the original vision of charter schools by developing innovative and scalable solutions to urban educations’ most complex challenges. LPS is deliberately and uniquely structured as a research & design network built around collaborative innovation and distributed incubation. LPS supports the creativity and risk taking of our teachers and staff through incubation of new practices and products across the four schools based on need, interest, and talent.   When we see results for students, we share the practice or product across our network and throughout urban education more broadly.

The Intervention Specialist will be responsible for monitoring and ensuring the academic success of all students. Specifically, he/she will fulfill the following responsibilities:

Data Collection and Analysis

  • Regularly monitor achievement and culture data at the school wide level using our student information system
  • Identify individual or groups of students who require further intervention beyond the classroom
  • Gather additional data from assessments, teachers, students, and families to determine the best course of intervention
  • Set and reach achievement goals for subsets of students
  • Use data to evaluate the effectiveness of the LPS San Jose intervention program
  • Continuously track student progress

Instruction and Intervention

  • Run a weekly intervention meeting aimed at discussing students of concern
  • Coordinate and develop intervention programs for struggling students
  • Oversee the Check-In/Check-Out system
  • Work with the Principal, Deans, and Counselor to continuously refine and improve the intervention process
  • Work with the Dean of Students and Academic Dean to support peer tutoring
  • Serve as the liaison between students, families, and outside resources
  • Support Dean of Student with school culture interventions including detention, Saturday School, and attendance
  • As appropriate, directly lead interventions for students

SST and 504 Logistics

  • Oversee the Student Success Team (SST) process and work with the RSP team as needed
  • Write and oversee 504 plans
  • Communicate with teachers regarding students who have 504 accommodations
  • Follow through with patents and teachers regarding students in the SST process 

Leadership Way

  • Fulfill additional responsibilities as needed to best serve our students and school
  • Provide consultation to school staff and parents as needed to support students
  • Stay focused on goals on a daily basis
  • Participate in professional development and collaborative meetings as necessary
  • Model the leadership way
  • Communicate a belief that all students are capable of success


  • Teaching experience (preferable high school)
  • Project management skills
  • Ability to connect personally with urban high school students
  • Capacity for abstract thinking and problem solving
  • Ability to collect, analyze, and respond to trends in data
  • Goal and outcomes orientation
  • A commitment to both excellence and equity in urban education
  • High expectations for all students
  • Experience working with parents and families and community resources
  • Experience with collaborative work
  • Excellent communicator and facilitator
  • Strong commitment to the LPS mission and values
  • Able to work under pressure and adapt easily
  • Comfortable with a start-up environment, including fast growth and flexible roles
  • Spanish skills and strong foundation in Excel a plus
  • Experience with RTI a plus

Our talented staff are committed to continuing their own learning and refining their practice ensuring a quality education for all. We are strongly committed to hiring a diverse and multicultural staff.

If you are interested, please send a resume and compelling letter of introduction:


Edie Hoffman

VP of Talent, Leadership Public Schools

344 Thomas L Berkley Way #340

Oakland, CA 94612


Read an Intervention Specialist Job Description (PDF)