Teaching Academy: Induction Program

Are you interested in moving your teaching to the next level while earning your clear credential?

The Induction Program (BTSA) in the Reach Teaching Academy will help you develop an inquiry-based mindset while improving your instructional skills. 

Our approach:

Reach believes that an inquiry-based approach to teaching is vitally important to high quality teaching.  Through regular work with a coach, teachers in the Induction program design individual cycles of inquiry based on their personal learning needs. During the spring semester of each year, teachers may elect to focus exclusively lesson delivery, thus supporting habits of thinking and instructional skills.

Site-Based Coaches are selected and trained within the Reach Instructional Leadership Academy to support each teacher in reaching his/her professional goals. (Potential Induction Coaches: please review the Instructional Leadership Academy or Coaching Certificate Programs pages.)

Goals of the program:

Candidates who complete the Reach Induction program earn a California Clear Teaching Credential while developing into skilled classroom leaders, with a mindset toward inquiry in education.

As an option, eligible candidates may elect to simultaneously earn the Reach Master of Education in Teaching degree concurrently while earning the California Clear Teaching Credential.

Who is eligible:

Teachers who have a California Preliminary Teaching Credential.


Teachers must have at least one class of students in their credential area.

Credentials earned:

California Clear Teaching Credential


Read a BTSA Induction Program Overview 2014-2015 (PDF)

Read a BTSA Induction Action Research Overview 2014-2015 (PDF)